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As I sit here this morning
And overview my walk
I see there hasnít been much action
But thereís been a lot of talk

On and off I always pray
In Your word I have a deep root
But it seems to be a selfish growth
Outside of me, I donít see much fruit

I silently walk passed many lost souls
Having the gospel etched in my heart
How can I call myself a Christian
When not one word of Your love do I impart
Lord, I just donít understand
I have a heart for the lost, You know that I care
I preach this to the young people
Yet, I myself fail to share

Lord, please reveal to me
The cause of this spiritual wall
So it can be torn down
And I can fulfill my call

Lord, I ask from my heart
That You remind me each day
That I love You Ďcause someone shared with me
To follow those steps is the only way

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