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Current Prayer Requests:
If you see a red star after the request
there is a praise report on the
praise report page!

Pray without doubt
Aquila: to get a job

Pray without doubt
TJ: pray about his job

Pray without doubt
Chani: pray for her knee

Pray without doubt
Bob H: pray for an elderly woman I met while working

Pray without doubt
Nathan: pray for a bully at the park

Pray without doubt
Dewayne: Pray for my son Albert, that his eyes are open
to see what he is doing, and for my daughter and
myself, that we are protected for satan's temptations
and schemes

Pray without doubt
Bob R: his wife's illness, his knee, and so to get a job

Pray without doubt
Emily: pray for me, my mom to be born again, my brothers for the same

Pray without doubt
Desiree: pray for my healing and for my mother

Pray without doubt
Carrie: pray for my boys

Pray without doubt
Jack: Pray for my wife, that her zeal for our Father is renewed
pray for my son Jacko, he is currently in rehab, and
is broken, perfect position for our Father to mold him

Pray without doubt
David: pray for me, I focus more on God, that I am

Pray without doubt
Jack: Pray for my lost loved ones in Illinois, and California

Pray without doubt
Jack: Pray for my sister in law Debbie, she was diagnosed with
stage 4 cancer in her lung. *

Pray without doubt
Debbie Crowell: Good Morning Jack, 2 different friends
of mine are needing prayer request please.....
1st prayer is for Cindy: she is sceduled for a biopsy
of the breast tomorrow morning, she is worried
it could be breast cancer, please pray for a great
outcome! Cindy by the way went through grade
school and highschool with me. *

Pray without doubt
Julieta: My son to be kind,to listen,and to calm

Pray without doubt
Carrie: Please pray for our friends Mark and Donna,
their daughter was in car accident this evening.
They are at the hospital now waiting for test results,
she is urinating blood. Alot of people are hurting
tonight, take a moment to lift all in prayer

Pray without doubt
Matt: Please pray for my best friend, he was in a car wreck
had brain surgery and is now in ICU on a ventilator
in a coma. (this is a teenager)

Pray without doubt
Shannon Sneed: Prayer for dear friend and family...

Pray without doubt
: JOSE A. BERNAL, he is in prison in san antonio tx,and
the devil dont leave him alone.

Pray without doubt
John: Prayer Requests: Please pray for my total healing
today. Pray for funds to pay for the hospital bills
and a house. Pray for foregiveness of my sins
and a new start. Pray for Ron And Tom

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt
Ran: My wife and I are married for 5 yrs.We don't have
children.In the middle of infertility treatment she left
me suddenly and went to her parents home without
any specific reason.We never had any serious fight
over anything.I tried to reconcile.But didn't work
out. One day thru a lawyer she informed me that
she wanted mutual consent divorce. I was deeply
shocked and hurt.Unwillingly I had to sign the
divorce petition.The first phase of the divorce
is over and court has given us 6 months time for
reconciliation.Her parents are also supporting for
divorce. Already 2 months are over.I still love her
very much and am trying to reconcile.But her
attitude is negative.Please pray for my wife and
her parents to change their minds and for the
restoration of our marriage in JESUS name.

Pray without doubt
Jenny: Please pray for a young boy in foster care. He has
been on meds for bi polar disorder and adhd. He
needs deliverance. The grip of the enemy
broken. This kind only leaves with fasting and prayer.

Pray without doubt
Debbie: I have another prayer request.I work with a man
named Phillip and his wife,Frankie, had surgery for
cancer of the uterus. She had a hysterectomy and
the doctors think they got all the cancer. She is going
to have radiation and chemo, also. She is healing from
surgery and Phillip is working during the day and
awake with her all hours of the night. They are born
again Christians and his faith is in Jesus but he wants
all the prayer they can get. Thanks.

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt
Debbie Casey: Wayne Elliott said he's backslid and wants
Jesus and the joy he had 2 years ago. Also, his
girlfriend, Brittany Carroll for conviction to open
the door of her heart and let Jesus in.

Pray without doubt
Debbie Casey: Betty Bloodworth had a stroke few months
back. She doesn't know her own husband of over
50 years and today she had to be put back in the
hospital. She needs a healing of mind and body.

Pray without doubt
Debbie Casey: My Uncle Con is waiting on test results for
spot on kidney. He takes care of my Aunt Ruth
who is disabled from a stroke and, also, took a fall
and bruised her ribs.

Pray without doubt
Rich Little: Prayer Requests: Things aren't looking good
at work right now and they are talking layoffs. Tough
job market , pray that I can find a good job soon! *

Pray without doubt

Pray without doubt
Nicole: I love the lord with all my heart. He blesses me
everyday and shows me his unfailing love and mercy
every moment of my life but I keep doing this thing
over and over again and I want to stop. I don't
wanna keep thi burden on me. I want you to pray
along with me that i would constantly keep Christ on
my mind before I any stupid mistakes. And that I would
indulge my self in the sweetness of word and live
my life so that people will come to him an that his
name would be brought the glory.

Pray without doubt
Jacko: Please pray for my friend Jonathan, he was
cleaning his mother's bathroom with bleach and
another cleaning solvent and the fumes burnt his
lungs. This caused an infection and severe
pneumonia. A couple hours ago his lungs
collapsed and he is on life support, he is 22
years old. Thanks *

Pray without doubt
April: please keep my husband Wayne in your prayers

Pray without doubt
Angie: Several years ago I hurt my back. The docs said
I had sciatica( a very severe case) They also told me
I would need surgery and physical therapy. Well I
was healed from it byt the blood of the Lamb! I have
been symptom free for 4 years.Since then I have been
Dancing for Our Savoir and singing,! However,
Yesterday I was bending over and I had a very
familiar pain shot up my back and down my leg!
It wasn't as bad as it use to be but It is causing me
to be in pain and have spasms.. I KNW this is an
attack of the devil because the day before we were
invited to go and dance and minister at a
Homeless Mission. If my back is out I can not
dance! (it is called Davidic dance and has been
around since Mt. Sanai, and the devil hates the
unity and joy it brings!)... Please pray for me to
be healed completely so I may dance again for
The Father in Heaven! Thank you ,I Love you all!!

Pray without doubt
Jamie: I have a friend named Matthew. He is 16 yrs old.
He has cancer and Memphis told him and the
family they could not do anymore for him. He is
going to Florida to have a procedure done on the
tumor. Pray that God will heal Matthew and he
can return home soon.
Also, pray for Nathan's grandmother Reba.
She is going to Memorial Hospital in the morining
to have her heart shocked. They are hoping this
will get it back into rhythm. I know this is hard
on her because I have the same heart condition.
I know with all of the prayers God can heal her
and restore her health. So, I want all who believe
that God is still in the healing business to say
a prayer for Reba and my friend Matthew.
Thanks & God Bless! *

Pray without doubt
Cindy: please pray for my liver and immune system

Pray without doubt
Mary: I have a friend who is a 31 year old mother of 3 &
needs prayer support. She is a christian & she also
sings. She is having trouble breathing & Dr's are
running tests on her. They could not find anything
today so they are going to schedule her to go in the
hospital to be tested for MS. They think that she
may have it & that it is affecting the
muscles of her heart.

Pray without doubt
Vicki: My niece took my sister( her mom) to the doctor
today for her 30 day lung test. Her capacity is 38% she has
empysema. *

Pray without doubt
Bob:I know that we are living in the End Times. I am
scared that I will not be found ready. I need God's
strength to do what I need to do.

Pray without doubt
Sheila: I am sorry to bother you. I have a couple request,
one for my son who I worry about being depressed.
I have a friend 35 years old with a beautiful 5 year
old daughter and husband. They are very good
descent people. The mother of the child had
stomach pain, we were just informed she has
cancer in her liver, which has spread. Please
pray for her healing, and family. I have been
praying for her and my son also.
Thank you so much.
Pray without doubt
Missy: My life is falling apart:( Jesus use to be a big
part of my life and through out all my pain and
misery I have lost the feeling of his love upon my life.
I have sinned alot and have fallin further and further
from his glory and have tried to come back to the
Lord yet i find many demons upon my life and this
mortal body. I have never felt so much hatred for
myself being as I do now and I just pray for the
Lords love to return to of for I truely do want
to walk within his beautiful presence.
Bless you all. Thanks

Pray without doubt
Dorothy Crump: Prayer Requests: Please unite with me
in prayer that I through Jesus Christ will recieve a
healing of sorts. I am having trouble dealing with
the loss of my 19 year old son. A senior football
player of phenominal sorts. I grieve in my heart
and I pray for the Lord to help me get justice in his
death. That the woman that had been drinking
and only the Lord what else the night she ran over
my son will have justice served swift. I have already
been told that they may want to plea bargain with
her. That her charges are minut because they didn't
get to drug test or alcohol test her because she got
out and looked at my son after running over him.
Then she and her husband that was traveling with
her in a seperate vehicle fled the scene. Not
bothering to call for help for the young Christian
athlete. She just continued on to her next appointed
party. I pray that justice will be served. She has
allegedly been drinking and driving since she ran over
my son. This was told by people that actually saw her
commiting this DUI. I also ask you to pray that I will
be able to this woman and man, so that I can go to
heaven to be with Jesus, my babies, my son, my mom
dad and grandparents uncles and aunts, friends
and loved ones. Pary for peace for my family
and please pray that God will place a hedge of
safety around my loved ones. I wouldn't want to
bear the loss of another one any time soon. God bless
you for reading this and may God bless you for
the difference you are making in the ungodly
world. May God bless you abundantly.

Pray without doubt
William: Please pray, I am taking my son Toby to the
heart doctor so they can check his heart *

Pray without doubt
Mary: Please pray for the salvation of
Melinda,Robbie, and Loretta.

Pray without doubt
David: My mother had Quadruple Bypass Surgery
two days ago. The surgery was a success. However
the procedure had initally affected her liver and
her kidneys. While those issues are less of a concern
now (her kidneys are still a bit), her LUNGS have
filled with some sort of liquid, resulting from the
'ring' which they had attached either in or around
her valve in surgery has caused restricted blood
flow, causing this response. In YOU can find it in
your HEART to please pray for her. Her name is
Doris Kobza. Please, time is of the essence here.
Pray for this to recede! I'm sooo concerned.
If you do distance Healing please find it in your
heart to help in in any way possible.
Thank you so much. Brightest Blessings *

Pray without doubt
Barbara:: Pray for My Two kids. Boyd and Megan. Boyd
is 24. almost 25 yrs.old. Meg is 23 yrs.old. they
both need to get back to Jesus, thank you so
very much, love Barbara

Pray without doubt
Carrie: Pray for my husband Mike, he is on his way to
ER, his blood pressure is up to stroke levels *

Pray without doubt
Carol: my dog got bit by a copperhead and ran and
we can't find him *

Pray without doubt
Bob: Pray for my wife Angie. Her ears have been
bothering her for about 4 years now. No
one can seem to fix it. Thanks

Pray without doubt
Carrie: Haven't been asleep yet, however i have been
lying down resting. I am having really bad chest
pain, for about 20 minutes. i am praying and believing!
Please pray. never felt this before! Waiting to see how
i feel in an hour, if not better im going to the er!
10/02/09 at 6:21am *

Pray without doubt
Adria: Can you please pray for my 89yr old grandmother
(Virginia Adams)She was just recently hospitalized.
Can you please pray for parents Rex and Tina Barnwell,
they are addicts and my Dad is umemployed.
Can you please pray for my son(Chance Martin)
his parents recently went through a divorce
and he is having a hard time in school this year.
Can you please Pray for my sister(Melissa Barnwell)
to continue her walk in faith with greatness.
And Finally can you please pray for me
( Adria Martin) I am currently undergoing
treatment for having cancer. *

My family would greatly aprreciate this. Thank you,

Pray without doubt
8:23pm (10/01/09) *

Pray without doubt
Janice: Continue praying for Chris as Jesus heals
the cancer *

Pray without doubt
Pauline: pray for my daughter Branna. *

Pray without doubt
Carrie: Please pray for my sons Shane, Jeff,
and Lee that they focus more on Jesus
each day, My husband Mike, that he
keeps heading toward God as He is *

drawing him
Pray without doubt
Stacy: Family situation
Pray without doubt
Lydia: wanting my son back with me. *

Pray without doubt
Jack: My son David and wife Sara
have their zeal renewed for Jesus,
My son Jacko and his wife Jessica
continue to become one in Jesus *

Pray without doubt
Pray without ceasing

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Believe with your heart

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