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Jesus told a parable
Of a prodigal son (Luke 15:11-15:32)
This story came alive for us
As God provided us one

I tried to share my wisdom with him
And guide him by the hand
He said: dad Iíve got to learn on my own,
And I know that you donít understand

I said: son I know more than you think I do,
Iíve been there time and again
I never knew the Lord as you do
So for me it wasnít a sin (James 4:17)

So he jumped off the narrow to the wider path
That leads to destruction and death
He did this even knowing that
He wasnít guaranteed his next breath

But God had a plan that I didnít see
This road, my son had to travel
As he experienced much of lifeís pain
His will began to unravel

He found out that the world had nothing to offer
The devil filled his mind with lies
He said: God had turned on another part of my brain,
Now I see things through HIS eyes

As things unfolded and he went to prison
He finally had peace in his heart
Right in the mist of this awful looking valley
God gave my son a new start

After two days in prison
Praying for a brother
God honored my sonís prayers
Using him to save a soul of another

I have learned an important lesson
God has a different plan for us all
Some have to experience lifeís pain
In order to answer their call

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Believe with your heart

Power that raised Jesus from the dead