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through faith
My Name is J.D. Sneed, my nickname is (Stanley), I was a drug addicted, arrogant, self-centered and very mean person, until the day I met The Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Living God. This day, I was changed forever. I was High on crystal meth, when I stopped by a friends house. I was there to look at his lawnmower, when a man drove up the driveway, got out of his car and ask if I, (of all people), was a Christian. I had never been to church and did not come close to believing in Jesus, but my answer was a lie, I said yes (to get him to leave me alone). He said great since you are a Christian lets pray. He said let's all hold hands and he began to pray. We were in the middle of this driveway, and everyone could see me holding hands with this man, and my friend. I was feeling very weird about the situation because all the cars could see us. Three grown men holding hands. As he started to pray, he said that Jesus told him that someone's heart wasn't right in this circle. I thought it was my friends heart, because he told me he just got saved 2 weeks before, and I never believed him. He began to pray a prayer of forgiveness of my sin's, because (I) was the one who's heart wasn't right and didn't even know it.... For some strange reason I knew in my heart I was a sinner, and needed to be forgiven. When he was praying, I was repeating what he was saying in my mind, when he said, "please forgive us of our sin's", It was like fire running inside me. I was scared to death and didn't say a word. When he finished I said, I've got to get out of here. I got into my car and backed out and floored it, it was like I was in this Void and I was feeling so empty inside. I remember getting down the road and I said "was that you Jesus" and when I did I felt this fire again burning in me and my hair raising up on my body (Cold chills from head to toe). I was very scared by now, and when I finally got home, I walked into my living room. I felt this crazy feeling inside me, and I said again "Is that you Jesus". Every hair on my body was sticking straight out, and I felt this fire deep inside of me again and I got mad. I said if this is you Jesus what now, "WHAT NOW". As sure as I am alive today, I heard Jesus say "Pray". I got real mad then and shouted real loud "I don't know how to Pray". My knees just went weak and I knelt down on the floor and shouted real loud again "Ok I will pray if you tell me what to say". With my eyes closed and scared to death I repeated this prayer That I heard Jesus speaking to my heart. When I said please forgive me of my Sins I cannot put into Words how peaceful I felt and how Brand new I felt on the inside. When I finished my prayer I opened my eyes and looked right at the clock. That was June 14th 1994 on a Tuesday night at 6:30 pm. That was the night I met my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. That moment in time I will never forget as long as I live. It was so Simple to receive Jesus into my heart, that I didn't understand where all these people got this crazy idea, that You have to look a certain way, or act a certian way, or clean up your life before Jesus will Accept you. That's a lie straight out of the pitts of Hell!!! People to be as Honest as I can be with you right now. Jesus Christ will take you just like you are no matter what your life is like. No matter what shape you are in right now, Jesus will forgive you. No matter how hooked on dope or how much you drink, or how bad you are, or what you have done in your past. You will, like me, When I got up off my knees, I knew something was different inside me, and you will know it too. I Knew 100% that I was A Born Again child of the living God. It was so simple I am telling the whole world it isn't as hard as people make it out to be to receive Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. I believe (you) are at this web site reading this just like I was in that Driveway, you may be Lost like I was and if you are I am going to offer you the same chance I had to Accept Jesus or to Reject Jesus. You need to understand Jesus is your only hope in anything that you have. He is the only way you really can change. If you are a drunk, it may take some time for you to quit drinking, What I am trying to tell you is just because Jesus comes to live in your heart doesn't mean you will be perfect from now on. Jesus didn't come to make a bad man good, he came to make a dead man alive!!. But it's your choice if you want Jesus and your choice alone. If you want to Accept Jesus click this (Accept) button and You can Pray the same prayer that I heard Jesus say to me from heaven. Or click the (Reject) button and I will tell you what will happen to you if you Reject Jesus and die. Stanley Sneed

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