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Let me tell you a story
about not so long ago
hell was the destiny
of my precious soul

Getting drunk and/or high
was my ultimate goal
neglecting my family
satan was in control

I never knew the Lord
didnít believe He was true
how could there be a God
after all that I went through

Many years of drinking
and all the drugs Iíve tried
continuously fighting depression
contemplating suicide

Then I lost my father
when I was twenty one
he died because of drinking
but it didnít stop this son

Then I lost a daughter
in nineteen ninety one
there couldnít be a God
so there couldnít be His Son

So my heart was shattered
life meant nothing to me
then I lost a brother
in nineteen ninety three

My marriage began to crumble
I moved out of the house
I filed for a divorce
but no signature from my spouse

I lived with a friend
I drank night and day
after a couple months
back home I went to stay

Something strange happened
on September of ninety four
I lost my desire to drink
and didnít do so any more

I began listening to a friend
though I was getting bored
I listened out of respect
as he spoke about the Lord

I had never read the bible
yet, these things started sounding right
I asked the Lord into my heart
and began living in the light

My life style changed so rapidly
as God molded my life
I now had morals and compassion
in shock, was my wife

I thank the Lord daily
for pulling me out of that hole
to keep growing more like Jesus
is now my ultimate goal

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