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  As I was reading the book of Psalms,
Psalm 29:1-2 seemed to jump out
at me. Especially the 2nd part of verse 2:
worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
This really grabbed me, and as always with
the Lord’s direction, I began to dig. And
what a treasure I found!!!! In
1st Chronicles 16:29,
the latter half of this verse:
Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
In 2nd Chronicles 20:21,
And he had consulted with the people,
he appointed those who should sing to
the Lord, and who should praise the
beauty of holiness
In all three verses, the writers refer to the
“beauty” of holiness. That phrase in itself
sounds beautiful. The Lord led me to the
original tongue. The Hebrew word for
beauty is hadârâh, pronounced (had-aw-raw’).
Which means; beauty, honour. From
the word: hâdâr, pronounced (haw-dawr’). or splendor:-beauty, comeliness, excellency,
glorious, glory, goodly, honour, majesty.
WOW!!! What a meaning for beauty!!
What a way to describe God’s holiness!!
Let’s go a little deeper; this was derived
from the primary root word hâdâr, spelled means ; to swell up by impl. To favour or
honour, be high or proud, countenance,
glorious, honour, putforth.
The beauty of holiness is the magnificence, glory,
excellency, majesty, honour of holiness and
much more!!! I asked myself, if I ever praised
and worshipped the Lord in this magnitude
of holiness. The answer is no (or not yet!) At
this point, the Holy Spirit had shown me
that though we say;”lets praise and worship”,
these are two totally different ways to
magnify our Lord. Let’s look at
2nd Chronicles 20:21,
it says; praise “the” beauty of holiness.
In 1st Chronicles 16:29 and
Psalm 29:2, it says; worship the
Lord “in” the beauty of holiness
“Praise the beauty”, “worship in the beauty”, see
the difference here? when you worship, you
are “in” the beauty, this in itself seems much
deeper than praise. Let’s start digging!!!
The Hebrew word for praise is: hâlal, pronounced
(haw-lal’). Which means; to shine; hence to
make a show, to boast; and thus to be
(clamorously) foolish; to rave; to celebrate,
commend, glory, [sing, be worthy of] praise,
rage, renowned, shine.
So to praise “the” beauty of holiness, is to make
a show, sing, celebrate. This is all so important
but should be a stepping stone to worship.
Praise with all your heart and then the next
phase will be worship. Back in the day, The
people would stand outside the temple
praising God and waiting as the High priest
would go into the temple. The high priest
was the only person that could step into
the holy of holies where the altar was and
into the presence of God. This would take
place once a year, the priest would go in and
make a sin offering for everyone and that
offering would be good for one year. It
would be a different high priest each year
chosen by God. When God let them know
who it would be, that priest would fast a
couple weeks before and have everyone
praying for him. Because if he went into the
holy of holies with any sin, he would drop
dead. The prople would have a rope tied to
his leg and he had bells on the bottom of his
garment. If the people heard the bells, they
knew he was dead and would drag him out.
To some it up, the people would "praise the
beauty of holiness" and the high priest would
"worship in the beauty of holiness".
When Jesus died on the cross, a sin offering
once and for all, the curtain that separated
man from the holy of holies was torn and now,
once you commit your heart to Jesus, YOU
can go into the holy of holies!
To sum it up: If you are born again, you can
praise the beauty of holiness, then as you are
focusing on God, can step into the holy of
holies and worship "in" the beauty of holiness!!
But do we worship as we should? Many of us think
we do (including myself) but are wrong, we
were shown and told of worship, but was it
correct? Are you sure you actually worship
God the way God wants us to?? We may be
worshipping “the” beauty of holiness, but God
says; worship “in” the beauty. Worship is far
deeper than praise. Let’s go to the original
tongue and see how God wants us to worship,
and then compare that to the way we worship
and see if there is a difference. I’m afraid we
will find out (at least most of us) that there
is quite a difference.
The Hebrew word for worship is shâchâh,
pronounced (shaw-khaw’) which means
(now get this) to depress, i.e. prostrate
(prostrate means; to cast oneself face downward
on the ground in humility or adoration, lying
horizontally) WOW!!!! Especially reflex. In homage
(homage means; a formal expression of loyalty
to a ruler) to royalty or God. Bow (self) down,
crouch, falldown (flat), humbly beseech, do
(make) obeisance (obeisance means a deep
bow or curtsy), do reverence, make stoop,
. WOW!!! That is deep!!!!!! True worship is
awesome in itself!!!!! This is worship “in”
the beauty of holiness!!!
Do we really worship??? Now that we know how to
worship in a way that God wants us to, are we
gonna be thinking: if I worship like that, what
will the people think???? Yes some people will
think like this, and then they must ask their self
the question; “am I here to worship God, or to
worry about what people think?” Some people
will think we are odd, but do their thoughts
enhance your relationship with God?? Or does
worshipping God “in” the beauty of holiness
enhance our relationship? Remember to
worship God the way He wants us to, is to lay
prostrate, crouch, falldown, bow or curtsy, to
humble ourselves before Him. (Please realize
that this is not just an “act” but should be an
action from our heart in reverence to our Lord)
This is awesome and I thank God for showing
me how to worship “in” the beauty of holiness!!
Praise leads to worship, worship leads to the
movement and manifestation of the Holy Spirit!!!!!

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