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Praise Reports: Pray without doubt
Jack: my sister in law Debbie, the cancer is gone!!
she is now born again, and so is her husband!!
Pray without doubt Pray without doubt
Jack: My son David came back to Jesus on June 1st 2011!!
Pray without doubt
Debbie Crowell: Cindy's biopsy was NEGATIVE!!
2nd prayer is for Randy Hurd...he is having surgery
this morning on his shoulder, this will be his 2 or
3rd surgery to fix a rotator cuff problem and he hasn't
been able to work in close to a year! His shoulder is
almost back to normal!!!!

Pray without doubt
Rich Little: Jesus stepped in and I didn't lose my job!
Pray without doubt
Angie: Praise Reports: Last Tuesday my niece gave
birth to a beautiful baby girl ( Thats 1 Praise
report) But there is another... While I was
helping her shower there was a long door
sized mirror behind the bathroom door.. I had
on capri's and so I happen to look and I saw this
black spot on the back of my leg. I riased my
pants and saw a bubble about the size of a
lemon and it was a dark purple almost back
color on the back of my leg.. It was disturbing
and my niece was very concerned as was I.. I
didn't want to alarm her so I brushed it off and told her it was probably nothing.. I knew I had not
hurt my leg. Later that night eveyone was asleep
and I had cleaned the house up and was sitting
at the table about to go to bed myself.. I started
feeling very weird, I got dizzy and sweaty my
chest got tight and I could barfely breath, I
made it into the living room where my husband
had fallen aslepp watching TV.. I woke him and
began to tell him as best as I could about my
symptoms.. Then I went down.. he knelt down
beside me and started to pray and cry out..
I am not sure how long but when I started being
able to focus again, He said I was pale and sweaty,,
I could breath better and I was getting my
strength back.. He insisted I go to ER and he
called family and ask them to come stay with our
son and pray.. Chasity my other niece started
calling and texting and although I didn't know she
had a prayer chain going.. To make a story short,,
The Docs think I had a cyst burst in my leg and a
small clot passed through my lungs and caused
my symptoms and there kept me all night and
half the next day.. HalleluYah I am OK.. I prated
and I kept hearing the scripture where Messiah
is saying to the people...From the time of John
until now the the kingdom Of heaven has
suffered violance and the violent take it by
force.. I feel that if the kingdom of Heaven is
within you, and it is if you are a child of the
King, then Your body is what is suffereing
because the enemy is trying to destroy the
Kingdom.. So we need to be praying for one
another and using the weapons that have
been given to us to fight for the Kingdom
and one another.....Love ya'll
Pray without doubt
Destiny: my brother is wayy better now!
(same day as request!)
Pray without doubt
Pray without doubt
Jacko: Jonathan dale's lungs are fine! he is out of
the hospital and in rehab. He is in bed so long
he has to strengthen his legs to walk again.
Thank you Jesus
Pray without doubt
April: Jesus healed me of a long and painful
physical ailment! Thank you Jesus and
thank you for your prayers!

Pray without doubt
Lydia: God never fails, he is always on time! Just when I
thought all hope was lost, God has provided me
with a very caring and compassionate lawyer! She
isn't charging me anything right now and is going
to work with me if it goes any further. I just wanted
to tell anyone that is waiting on things to change or
a promise God has made to you, DON'T give up, help
IS on the way! Praise GOD! Thank you all for praying
for me and a special thanks to you Jack!
Pray without doubt
Jamie: I took Reba (Nathan's mamaw) to have her heart
shocked today to see if they could get it back
into rhythm and amazingly it was in perfect
rhythm. So, they didn't have to do the procedure.
Praise The Lord For That! Thanks to everyone
who sent up a prayer.

Pray without doubt
Vicki: My niece took my sister( her mom) to the doctor
today for her 30 day lung test. Her capacity went
from 38% to 77%. That is not possible with
empysema. God is so good. We are so impatient!
Praise the Lord.

Pray without doubt
Kristina: Thank u so much she is doin a lot better now
she is back at home and will proably be going
back to work this week thank u very much
she had swine flu!

Pray without doubt
William: hey brother god healed toby, completely
healed perfect heart when the heart doctor got his
x-ray, he saw that his lower chambers of his heart
was larger than they should have been 4 his age
but god said im here, he showed up and
calmed the storm! Then when we got there,
the doctor looked at his x-ray again and he
didn't see anything wrong! He did a sonigram
and we could see his heart was perfect!

Pray without doubt
Carrie Grant: Praise God! Just heard from Adria, her
cancer is gone! Thank you JESUS!!!!!
Pray without doubt
David: My mom is showing signs of recovering. I
can't thank you enough dear ones.
Bless You. I Love you.
Pray without doubt
Mary: I just got home about an hour ago from
seeing Keith in the Hospital. My heart is singing
with praise to God!!! He was awake & able to
make eye contact, nod or shake his hand &
make all of his old facial expressions. Even
though he could not talk we were able to
communicate & pray together. The last
few times I have been to the hospital
- they had him sedated. It has done me so
much good. He did not want us to leave.
They are doing dialysis tomorrow
- time unknown at this time.
Pray without doubt
Carrie Grant: Healed in Jesus name! Chest pain went
away!I didn't have to go to ER.Exodus 23:25
Worship The LORD your God, and His blessing
will be on your food and water.I will take away
sickness from you. Praise God.
Thanks for the prayer!!!!
Pray without doubt
Mike Grant: Healed in Jesus name!Feeling much
better, blood pressure is now normal. I
appreciate all who prayed.
Pray without doubt
Carol: her dog came back and is just fine!! She took
him to the vet and the vet said it was a miracle!
Pray without doubt
Pray without doubt
Tiffany: The prayer request I sent earlier worked!
Praise JESUS!
Pray without doubt
Janice: God's Love and your prayers have brought
Chris thru this she can heal..
now she can fight the cancer and win...
Pray without doubt
Kristina: The big knot on katylens neck was bacterial
infection, surgery was not needed!
Pray without doubt
Kimberly: The children are now safe with
their daddy. Thank you for your prayers.
Praising Jesus!
Pray without doubt
Pauline: Brianna's home and doing better!
test results come back October 5th
Pray without doubt
Mary: They took Keith to surgery at 1:00 instead of
2:00. Surgery was sucessful. They removed 4
gall stones from the original duct (where the
first stone was) near the liver & kidneys. They
did not even put another stint in as they believe
that everything will drain as it should now. He
will be in hospital for 2 weeks & then in about
2 months - he will have to have gallbladder
removed. Praise God!!
Pray without doubt
Jesus will answer!

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Believe with your heart


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