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Jesus gave a vision to a couple of nobodies (Stanley Sneed and Jack Thoemke) and told them to "go fishing" (Mark 1:17) and HE would take care of everything! Jesus said everything is in the fish. In Matthew 17:27 when dealing about taxes, Jesus told Peter to cast his hook into the sea and the "first" fish that comes up, take the money out of his mouth. We wondered why Jesus used a fish? Why didn't Jesus say: "Peter, lift up that rock and grab the money from under it, or why didn't Jesus just pull it out of Peter's ear? We know that everything Jesus said or had done has significance. Then the Holy Spirit showed us............most ministries you hear on TV or in most churches talk about how they need money to reach the lost. Well they have it backwards, Jesus makes us fishers of men (Mark 1:17) and we are to go fishing and we are fishing for lost people. When we catch fish, the money is in the fish, or in other words, when we fulfill God's will, HE will provide our needs to continue fishing Make sense? Many people refer to fishing for lost with their fishing rods and lures, that type of fishing is easy and done at your own leisure, you can take a nap. This is not the type of fishing that Jesus was referring to. His type of fishing is with nets (Mark 1:16) You see when you fish with a net, it is your livelihood, which takes commitment, hard work, patience, endurance, passion, time, and a keen ear to hear where the captain tells you to throw your net. (John 21:6) How can we have such a commitment? Well, I'm glad you asked, it is quite simple: "fall in love with Jesus", when you are "in love" you WANT to do things for the person you are in love with, simply to make them happy. The more time you spend with that person, the more in love you become, the more "one" you become. My wife and I have been with each other for 30 years, (married for 29 years) and we are closer and more in love than ever before! Just think about it, the more time you spend with Jesus (in His word, prayer, fellowship, worship, etc...) the more in love you become and (man this is exciting!!) the more "one" you become!!!! As this is happening, a transformation occurs in our lives that John the Baptist spoke of in John 3:30 - He must increase, but I must decrease!!!!! WOW!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! To sum it up, it is very simple: Love Jesus and go fishing!

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Believe with your heart

Believe with your heart

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